We help businesses to respond to climate change in a positive manner.


We can assist you in making your whole organisation Climate Neutral.

Or you may start by addressing specific aspects:

· Climate neutral flying

· Climate neutral car fleet

· Climate neutral buildings

· Climate neutral events

· Climate neutral products.

Tekstvak: Products and services

Products and Services

Supported by behaviour change campaigns, we help you to:

· Measure your current Climate Footprint

· Save energy

· Purchase more climate friendly energy and other products

· Invest in attractive, NGO-approved, greenhouse gas compensation projects world-wide

Communicate your achievements towards employees, customers and investors. And towards goverment and NGO’s.


Becoming Climate Neutral provides you with clear business benefits:

· Knowing and managing climate risks and liabilities

· Achieving cost reductions

· Strengthening the corporate image

· Developing new business opportunities

· Increasing employee satisfaction and morale

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