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Climate Partners is the trade name for the ‘Stichting Hart for Klimaat’, a Dutch foundation founded in 2005 and aimed at safeguarding the earth’s climate for future generations.

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The board of the ‘Stichting Hart voor Klimaat’ consists of Henk van Schaik (Chairman), Thijs de la Court (Communications) and Peter Wiers (Executive director):

· Henk van Schaik is an experienced manager who has been instrumental in setting up world-wide dialogues about water and climate. His full-time profession is co-ordinator of the Co-operative Programme on Water and Climate;

· Thijs de la Court possesses many years of experience communicating about sustainability issues and climate change. Before taking up his current position of alderman in his home town of Lochem, Thijs was a coordinator of LA21 local sustainability issues. He has been instrumental in setting up sustainability measurements with 450 municipalities throughout The Netherlands;


· Peter Wiers is responsible for day to day operations. Peter has a background in geology, business economics and management consulting. He is an experienced project manager and founder of independent climate change consultancy PW Advies.

Advisory Committee

We are grateful to the members of our advisory committee for their valuable advice:

· Frits Spangenberg, Motivaction Group

· Jeroen van der Sommen, Netherlands Water Partnership

· Mrs. Florrie de Pater, National research programme Klimaat voor Ruimte

· Prof. Pavel Kabat, Wageningen University


The partners are COS Nederland, Global Action Plan, Hivos, PW Advies, Trees for Travel and UNESCO-IHE. Every partner brings in its own experience and expertise. Together, we offer a wide range of solutions in the area of energy efficiency, renewable energy and attractive greenhouse gas compensation. And the capacity to implement changes step by step.


For a full list and links to our partners, click here.

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