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“Seventy percent of Dutch people are concerned about climate change”


Twee Vandaag Opinion Poll

Climate risk and Corporate Image

Political leaders in the EU, Japan and US states like California are setting increasingly stringent emission reduction targets to tackle climate change, increasing to as much as 70-80% by the year 2050. The financial risks and opportunities presented to companies as a result of climate change are also a hot-topic in the investment community.


Climate change is an issue that people are increasingly concerned about.. In 2005 already, a Dutch opinion poll showed that:

· 70% of Dutch people are concerned about climate change;

· 87% agree that the govenment should force manufacturers to make cars and electrical appliances more energy efficient;

· 69% agree that the govenment should introduce a tax on airline kerosine.


Addressing climate risk offers a unique opportunity to enhance your corporate image with consumers, governments , investors and NGO’s.

Energy saving and cost reductions

Addressing climate risk also leads to efficiency gains and cost reductions.


Many organisations from Europe, Japan, and the US have achieved massive emissions reductions. Five companies (Alcan, British Telecom, Du Pont, IBM and Norske Canada) have achieved reductions of 60% or more, with combined savings of over $3 bn.


Our Dutch clients find that savings of 10-50% are absolutely possible.

Making a genuine contribution to high-quality, NGO-approved compensation projects is a great tool to  boost employee satisfaction.


Our partners Hivos and Trees for Travel offer an attractive portfolio of climate related compensation projects in developing countries world-wide.


Why not use your company’s expertise to support these emission reduction, adaptation and capacity building projects?


Or, if you already have your own projects planned, why not see if they can qualify under our Climate Neutral scheme?

Increasing employee satisfaction

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