Climate Partners is the trade name of ‘Stichting Hart voor Klimaat’. We are an independent Dutch foundation, whose mission is to safeguard the earth’s climate for future generations.


To help prevent dangerous climate change, we stimulate and assist Dutch business leaders to become Climate Neutral. Conducting business in a climate neutral way is not a matter of business versus climate. It is an essential step we must make if we are to satisfy people’s needs without compromising the climate for future generations. It is the clearest possible sign that a company takes climate change seriously and is good for people, planet ánd profit..


The partners are COS Nederland, Global Action Plan Nederland, Hivos, Trees for Travel, PWAdvies and UNESCO-IHE. Together, we offer a wide range of solutions in the area of energy efficiency, green purchasing and greenhouse gas compensation. And the capacity to implement changes step by step.


Since 2005, a growing number of companies and organisations have taken steps to become Climate Neutral. If you know of more organisations that may want to join us in this important challenge, please let us know.

“Je gaat het pas zien als je het doorhebt”


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