Tekstvak: Climate Risk

“There is no bigger problem than climate change. It’s a threat to our civilization”


Sir David King,

UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser

Leading Dutch scientists like prof. Rik Leemans of Wageningen University and Rob van Dorland of the Dutch Meteorological Office KNMI tell us that climate change is real. US Scientists have also found unequivocal evidence that not just the atmosphere, but also the oceans are warming due to the emission of man-made greenhouse gasses. Its consequences are already with us, and growing.


Climate change affects other policy areas such as poverty reduction, land-use & agriculture, security of energy supply, trade & finance and air quality & health.


International reinsurance experts from Swiss Re, Munich Re and Axa estimate that annual economic damages will grow dramatically, to $300 bn p.a. by the year 2050.


Apart from the economical impact of climate change, experts are also worried about its social, and political impact, especially in developing countries. In Bangladesh alone, 40 million people were uprooted during the 2004 flooding. Climate change deprives many people of the chance to build up a decent living. It creates a fertile breeding ground for terrorism and threatens international security. Sir David King, the UK Government Chief Scientific Advisor days there is no bigger problem than climate change, and calls it ‘threat to our civilisation’.


Climate change is a typical ‘tragedy of the commons’ type problem, inflicting a heavy burden on people in developing countries and on future generations, who are least responsible for it. It seems fair that those who cause it also take the lead in addressing it.


Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has long ago voiced his concern about Climate Change. And in 2005 already, republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California said “the debate is over” on climate change, introducing a state-wide target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Al Gore’s impressive movie ‘An inconvenient Truth’ made a vast impact on public opinion, explaining the urgency of climate change and the social and political processes which make it so difficult to act.


So, yes, it is inconvenient. But the longer we wait, the more drastic the measures that need to be taken. We already possess the knowledge and tools needed to address climate change. Let’s act now, to safeguard the climate for future generations!


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