Every Climate Partner brings its own experience and expertise. Together, we offer a wide range of solutions, such as measuring your Climate Footprint, helping you to save energy, and buying renewable energy and other environmentally friendly products. Our compensation partners offer attractive projects that simultaneously benefit our global climate and help people in developing countrries escape from poverty. And our behaviour change experts can help you to implement it all, unleashing the power and creativity of the people within your organisation.

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UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education

UNESCO-IHE is an international knowledge and training centre in the area of water, the environment and infrastructure. It focuses on the education and training of professionals as well as institutional capacity building, in developing countries and countries in transition.

COS Nederland

COS Nederland measures social responsibility progress at hundreds of Dutch municipalities and NGO’s. It creates and distributes communication and education packages for local governement, small businesses and schools.

Trees for Travel

Trees for Travel is a Dutch charity that offers people and organisations the opportunity to offset their greenhouse gas emissions. Trees for Travel uses the donations made to plant extra trees and protect forests world-wide. All projects meet the requirements of sustainable forestry, such as FSC.

PW Advies

PW Advies is an independent consultancy specialised in climate change. It helps organisations to measure their Climate Footprint  and identify attractive options to become Climate Neutral.


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Hivos is a Dutch development organisation, based on humanistic values. Hivos offers greenhouse gas compensation through attractive renewable energy projects. It contributes to a free, honest and sustainable world in which people have equal rights and access to opportunities for development.

Global Action Plan Nederland

GAP Nederland is part of an international netwerk of change experts. The foundation assists leading Dutch companies in implement ing the changes necessary to make their organisations climate.neutral.

Climate Chance

Climate Chance is a management consultancy focused on the impact of climate change on business strategy. The aim is to minimise risk, optimise results and contribute to a positive image of the organisation.

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