Is the climate changing for global warming? A series of significant recent developments suggest that it is.


In May 2005, Prime Minister Blair won an historic third term for his party and is set to put climate change at the top of the agenda for the G8 meeting this summer in Scotland. The G8 countries account for two thirds of the world economy and almost half of all greenhouse gas emissions. The discussions held here will reverberate throughout the world.


Later that year, the bar was raised by the dramatic announcement from Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governor of California, which would itself rank in the G8 group of largest OECD economies if it were a nation, that he is introducing a state-wide target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050. For Schwarzenegger the “debate is over” on climate change, and it is possible to “meet the needs of both our economy and the environment” by pursuing emission reductions.


Political leaders set the framework in which business must deliver. And the business community is responding. General Electric Company Chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt announced Ecomagination, an initiative "to aggressively bring to market new technologies that will help customers meet pressing environmental challenges." GE will double R&D investment into cleaner technologies by up to $1.5 billion annually by 2010, and more than double their revenue from products and services that "provide significant and measurable environmental performance advantages to customers." GE joins a select but growing group of companies expecting to profit by providing the solutions that will drive a low-carbon economy.


The financial opportunities and risks presented to companies as a result of climate change are also a hot-topic in the investment community. A recent international conference at the UN in New York was the latest in a series of events bringing leading investors together specifically on this issue. Their discussion showed that the investment community is moving beyond disclosure of risks to look at long-term investment strategies. And with trillions of dollars under management their influence and reach are significant.


So yes. The climate is changing for global warming. Politicians are beginning to lead; businesses are set to deliver and financial institutions are getting poised to back the winners. And we will all be better off as a result.


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Steve Howard
CEO, The Climate Group

Tekstvak: Is the Climate Changing for Global Warming?

“The debate is over. California will be a leader in the fight against global warming”


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